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Bambino Agro Industries Limited, incorporated in 1982.

This is one of the largest vermicelli producers in South East Asia which is made out of Duram wheat semolina (suzi/rawa). It is part of the diversified Bambino Group having interests in FMCG Products. Upon proudly introducing vermicelli products since 1982 in South India, Bambino later made its pan India's presence in a very short time.

A visit to a technology fair in Germany by the founder of the company gave rise to the idea of getting into the business of pasta manufacturing. Today, Bambino is a household name, and the word has become generic to Vermicelli, which is a part of the daily diet of millions in India. Bambino not only pioneered and introduced vermicelli in India, but has become the market leader and has become a barometer of success story.

India continues to be a high growth economy and a significant portion of this growth comes from FMCG sector particularly consumer product companies. Earlier, the consumption of pasta products was confined to urban population but now slowly with the rising literacy and income levels of rural population; the market for pasta products has expanded to smaller towns and hamlets as well. We at Bambino have intensified product promotion activities by highlighting nutritional values of pasta products.

The awareness amongst the consumers for leading a healthy life also has led to the growth of this food sector. To leverage this, Bambino had introduced an innovative range of products and is continuously adding value-added products to the existing product line. Every product from Bambino is a testimonial of the uncompromising quality standards. These specialties enabled Bambino to emerge a household name in India and globally.

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