Bambino  is a brand that combines a rich legacy of carefully nurtured values steeped in a culture of excellence with opportunities for participating in new vistas of the Company growth. The main success factor for the Company’s growth, are the Bambino  employees and talent selected for this exciting journey. Bambino considers its employees among its most important stakeholders in taking it to new pinnacles of product  standards,  service  and customer delight.

Bambino has experienced and qualified people in each of the dept. such as Production,  IT,R&D, QCD, Nutrition, Marketing & Sales, Distribution, Exports, Purchase, Administration and HR.

For further expansion and strengthen the departments,  Bambino recruits people from time to time.

Qualified persons with relevant experience and positive attitude may fill the below form and send your resume..  After scrutinizing the resumes, right candidate will get the call letter for an interview.

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