Research & Development

Bambino has embarked on an aggressive research and development mode and there is

considerable research undertaken on new product development activities. Continual development, innovation, concept to commercial, line extensions, cost reduction, and improving market share have been the focus of Bambino. We apply our scientific capabilities and consumer insights to contribute to the advances in nutrition, health and wellness of consumers. Bambino strictly follows a robust R&D activity across all stages of the food chain from start to finish.

Future research outlook

There is a need to complement contributions of basic research on foods with

knowledge of Indian systems of medicine to develop these functional foods, nutraceuticals etc., and Bambino is focused to develop and launch new foods in this category. Bambino looks to contribute in the field of R&D and product development which are imperatives in the food-processing industries, and help the industry to succeed in the global markets.


We make use of modern quality assessment methods and techniques developed for

effective quality monitoring of processed foods as per national and international standards. All the products go through stringent quality assurance tests to monitor and control all aspects of quality. Quality controllers ensure that the food does not contain any harmful chemicals / preservatives that would destroy their nutrition value. We pay attention to maintain the flavor, calorie count, vitamins, nutrients and shelf life of our processed food items.


Our teams of trained and experienced professionals assist us in achieving our

production, delivery and quality targets. They have a vast experience in the industry and thorough knowledge of all the involved processes. We work to maintain a healthy working environment and execute timely Skills Development training programs to improve the team’s efficiency.

Research and Development

We consider R&D as a support to success and therefore, have invested well into

extensive R&D activities. Supported by R&D activities, we achieve benefits and consumer loyalty on a global scale. We have a professional team dedicated to the R&D unit. Our R&D facility keeps itself abreast with the latest technology and incorporates the required developments in our processes for overall improvement. With the active contribution of R&D unit, we have grown in our sphere of operation.


We have well laid processing units strategically located across the country. The

production units are equipped with hi-tech processing plants to ensure the products that we offer are of premium quality. Our units are well equipped and the products confirms to national and international standards. All our products are made of high quality ingredients and have longer shelf life, owing to the latest and hi-tech technology used.