An in-depth understanding of the consumers’ mind and food preferences have helped Bambino develop a marketing philosophy that reflects the needs of customers. With products created bearing in mind both health and taste, our products equally appeal to kids and senior citizens as well. Bambino’s value-for-money positioning and nutrition in our products allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy our products to the fullest.

Futuristic products

The Company has got a well equipped R&D and Nutrition department, which are in the process of developing healthy foods & functional foods, which are required by everyone in the present day life. These are the products, which are first tested for its efficacy and then only produced by the company. Going forward, the company intends to look into health food market in a big way.

Rural marketing

The Company has launched Rs. 5 vermicelli and Rs. 5 macaroni and even instant mixes at Re.1, to ensure that it reaches the smallest person with the lowest income in the smallest markets, through sub-stockists, direct dealers, van coverage to the smaller outlets.

Services to institutions and hospitals

Today, Bambino products are served in many important hospitals, as the products are highly rated as a health food after the surgery, during convalescing period. This is a great recognition for the quality. The company has also been supplying to 5 Star hotels and chain of fast food restaurants. Many of the international chains have started using Bambino products in place of imported products because of its quality, continuous and constant supplies.

Bambino Utsav Women

Bambino has initiated a concept to reach the consumer and empower the unemployed women to earn a reasonable income, by selling Bambino products to consumers. This is a novel idea to make the women self-sufficient for her needs and also to be at the arm's length to the consumer.

Social responsibility

Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do at Bambino. We have made it a company-wide commitment to apply our knowledge and experience to help meet environmental and social challenges. The Company has been working in close quarters with ANGRAU (Agricultural University) and has constituted an award for the highest rank holders in food technology. This award goes with a cash prize and this is the beginning of the desire to pay back to the society. The company also supports many summer trainees by giving them projects and training.