Board of Directors 2

Mr. M. Kishan Rao

Chairman & Managing Director

Sri M. Kishan Rao is the Chairman & Managing Director of Bambino Agro Industries Limited. He has over five decades of experience in processed foods business and started initially with Cigars and Biscuits and later diversified into Pasta products and Roller Flour milling in 1981. He is a great visionary and pioneer in introducing Pasta products to India way back in 1981.

Mr. Kishan Rao is also the founder of the Bambino Group, started business with tobacco trade in 1954. After perceiving the market potential in Cheroots for about 4 years, he established Cheroot manufacturing facilities in Andhra Pradesh. His dynamic vision then saw him enter into the wheat processing sector in the early eighties, and a wheat mill was set up at Bibinagar, near Hyderabad, for manufacture of whole wheat flour, semolina, maida, and bran. A visit to a technology fair in Germany by Mr. Rao gave rise to the idea of getting into the business of Pasta manufacturing. Today, Bambino is a household name, and the word has become generic to Vermicelli, which is a part of the daily diet of millions in India.

Mr M Kishan Rao was earlier the Chairman and Managing Director of the company till 2003- 2004. He has been guiding the company as Chief Mentor after relinquishing his Directorship of the company. At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the company held on 26th November 2010, he was appointed as Additional Director of the company. Further, he was also appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of the company subject to the approval of the members of the company in the ensuing Annual General Meeting. He is also on the Board of the following companies: viz; Seshsayi Foods (P) Ltd, Ghanta Foods (P) Ltd, MLR Industries (P) Ltd, Revathi Tobacco Co (P) Ltd, Bambino Milk Products (P) Ltd, KRS Finance (P) Ltd and Bambino Finance (P) Ltd.

He has demonstrated his commitment in producing healthy and nutritious foods to Indian consumers to improve awareness and well being in their food habits. Under his leadership the Bambino group subsequently ventured into Healthcare and Power sectors to strengthen their presence and improve its market share. Today it’s the largest manufacturer of Pasta products in India and growing at a faster pace leaving its competitors far behind.

Name of ExecutiveTitle
Mr. M. RaghuveerWhole Time Director
Mr. M. SubramanyamWhole Time Director
Mr. P. Easwara Das Executive Director