Bambino Agro Industries Limited is a Hyderabad based company founded by Mr.Kishan Rao Myadam in 1982. Our company turned into reality when our founder fondly remembered his mother making vermicelli with her bare hands and realized the amount of strain it took to reach the final stage of consumption. He thought of the amount of time and energy that would be saved if it were available in a supermarket. His vision to make Vermicelli a versatile and easily available product culminated in Bambino. We are pioneers of Vermicelli and have successfully become a household name.

We earned a reputation with our dedication towards quality and constant product innovation. Bambino’s pasta products are manufactured from Semolina (Suji/Rava) and come in various forms (Fusilli, Penne, Macaroni, etc.). Our products are used in cosy family meals and exotic gourmet lunches. Our commitment to health and taste ensures satisfying the palate of children and adults alike. Vermicelli is widely used in Indian homes and is nothing but a variant of pasta. Be it a nutritious Vermicelli Pulao or delicious Mac and Cheese Balls, our products are a part of numerous cuisines. .

Over the years Bambino has worked towards bringing convenience to consumers’ lives. Adapting to the changing lifestyles and consumer behaviour, we introduced a wide range of products in convenience food, ready-to-eat and blended spices segments. Increasing awareness among consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle, led us to build a strong Research and Development team that focuses on creating products that are nutritious, delicious and convenient to make. Our pan-India and international distribution and marketing network ensures that our products are available to every consumer.