Corporate Announcements

Regulation 30

40th AGM Notice Newspaper Publication

Compliance Regulation 74 (5) 30.06.2023

Corporate Governance Report June, 2023

Duplicate Share Request 01.07.2023

Duplicate Share Request 03.07.2023

Investor Complaints 30.06.2023

Closure of trading window- 29.06.2023

Appointment of Additional Director-12.06.2023

Newspaper publication of audited financial results for the period 31.03.2023

Newspaper Publication for Proposed transfer of shares to IEPF

BSE Intimation under regulation 40 (10)

Corporate Governance Report March, 2023

Investor Complaints 31.03.2023

 Initial Disclosure Large Entity

Compliance Regulation 7 (3) 31.03.2023

Compliance Regulation 74 (5) 31.03.2023

Intimation of RSCA 31.03.2023

SDD Compliance 31.03.2023

Newspaper publication of Results 31.12.2022

Closure of trading window 30.03.2023

Newpaper publication for IEPF 19 Jan 2023

Intimation for Cessation of Executive Director

Intimation of Violation of Code of Conduct and Insider Trading Regulation

Investor Complaints 31.12.2022

Corporate Governance Dec 22

BSE Intimation RACS

BSE Intimation SDD Compliance

Closer of trading window– 30.12.2022

Intimation Of Appeal Filed Before NCLAT Against The Company & Others – 30.12.2022

Disclosure Reg 30 Commercial Production – 28.12.22

Disclosure Reg 30 Court Order – 28.12.22

Intimation of Issue Duplicate Share Certificate – 01.12.2022

Newspaper Advertisement – Intimation of Issue Duplicate Share Certificate – 01.12.2022

Book Closure And Record Date– 19.11.2022

Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Newspaper Publication– 14.11.2022


Credit Rating on Long Term Bank Facilities

Clarification on the Price movement – 24th March 2022



Intimation to BSE – Disclosure of Inter-se transfer of shares between Promoters

Postponement of 38th AGM

Adjournment of NCLT hearing to 28-07-2021

Adjournment of NCLT hearing to 22-07-2021

Adjournment of NCLT hearing to 09-07-2021

Clarification on the Price movement  – 10th  June 2021

Adjournment of NCLT hearing 02-07-2021

Intimation of Transfer of Fund to IPEF

Availing extension for conducting the Board Meeting

Disclosure under SEBI (PIT) Regulations – 20.05.2021

Outcome of Audit Committee Meeting – Violation of Code of Conduct

Adjournment of hearing – In the matter of Petition filed before NCLT against the Company & Ors.

Credit Rating on term loans and working capital limits

Intimation of Petition filed before NCLT against the Company & Ors.

Demise of Late Shri Myadam Kishan Rao and appointment of Ms. Myadam Shirisha as Managing Director

Approval of ROC granting extension for conducting 37th AGM

Postponement of 37th AGM

Demise of Shri S Nageswara Rao – Independent Director

NCLT Order Copy

Postponement of NCLT Hearing on 02-02-2018

Postponement of NCLT Hearing on 12-02-2018

Postponement of 34th AGM to be held on 29-12-2017

Demise of Late Shri M Raghuveer and appoint Mr M Kishan Rao as Chairman and Managing Director

Demise of Shri M Raghuveer, Chairman and Managing Director

Issues with data server and IT Infra 18-05-2017

Appointment of Additional Director


Resignation of Mr. P. Easwara Das 15.09.2016

Resignation of M.Kishan Rao 14.09.2016

Resignation by Shri M.Subramanyam 31-10-2016